Caskets and coffins, while interchangeable these days are historically different. A coffin is constructed of six sides while a casket has just four sides. A coffin is what you may have seen in an old Western movie. These days coffins are not used in the US but may still be found in some overseas countries.

Choosing a casket is a very personal decision. Today you have many styles and finishes and unique factors attributing such as exterior material, workmanship and interior fabric.

Caskets fall into two distinct categories based on the exterior material: wood or metal. For metal finished caskets choosing a premium metal like copper, stainless steel or bronze while having an outstanding finish also adds to the superior resistance to natural elements such as rust and moisture. For natural wooden caskets, when exotic hardwood like cherry, mahogany or walnut are selected, their exquisite natural appearance, and outstanding effect is created. Other woods like ash and oak combine time-tested durability with a natural feeling of warmth.

The workmanship applied by skilled crafts people to every casket creates the final finish bringing everything to perfection.

The fabrics that are used in caskets also add another important facet and enhance the total value, look and feel. Premium caskets often feature the use of heavier materials like velvet and use detailed tailoring to display elegance and luxury, while standard funeral caskets generally use more simple fabrics such as cotton and crepe for appealing visual appearance as well as affordability.

Eco Friendly Caskets, Green Burial And Eco Friendly Burial

More people are conscious now with creating a lighter environmental footprint as they live, and when they pass they want to continue that dedication. Fortunately there is a growing array of eco friendly funeral options and green caskets that can allow the deceased persons wishes to be fulfilled at their passing.

Worldwide, more than 50 million people die each year creating a huge environmental resource footprint which could be lessened by the use of eco friendly or green caskets. Traditional burial and cremation practices have a significantly negative environmental impact, but green funerals and eco-burials are one way to reduce this impact.

Many natural green casket materials are available such as woven/wicker caskets in willow, seagrass or bamboo and organic unbleached cottons can be used for the interior lining. The strength is not a concern either because natural materials are very strong when woven and are beautifully handcrafted. Each adult casket is tested to carry up to 350 pounds.

Most traditional modern caskets have evolved into sophisticated and highly-finished non-organic items that some find wasteful. They usually use non-sustainable environmental-unfriendly materials that serve for a short-term purpose. As each year passes more than 90,000 tons of steel are used in casket building in the US alone. Slow growing hardwoods such as cherry, maple, black walnut and redwood are also used with an excess of over 30 million board feet used each year in the US just to build caskets.

At Walker & Walker Funeral Home we offer top casket brands at prices to fit every budget. This is a small portion of what we carry. A complete casket catalogue is provided at the funeral home. We also offer rental caskets for funeral and creation services.

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