Headstones and monuments are basically the same thing with monuments normally being more ornate, distinct and larger versions of traditional headstones.

How you choose to remember your loved one is of course a very personal choice so there are many options available and your personal designs, text or symbols can be created in the monument to reflect exactly what you would like or what would reflect your loved one’s personality or desires.

The headstone is by far the most popular form of memorial for a loved ones grave site. Typically it’s made from rock – usually granite – so it’s extremely durable and will retain it’s quality look for decades. A headstone sits upright from the ground ensuring all who pass can easily see and read the inscriptions. Common things that are inscribed or carved on a headstone are the person’s name, their birth and  passing dates, quotes and sayings or symbols. A headstone is typically somewhat less ornate and smaller than true monuments.

Often when people refer to monuments they are usually referring to larger headstones. Monuments are often times the same shape as headstones, but the more ornate ones have distinct features and shapes making them stand out as a true symbol of the person who has passed.

While walking through a cemetery you will see a vast array of different sized and shaped monuments ranging from saints and angels to animals watching over the site of rest. And while any possible creative design can be created, the only restriction will be the burial place’s guidelines on size.

A marker is a smaller memorial option that lays flat on the ground and can only be read if you stand right above it.

We are here to help you select the prefect headstone, monument, or marker that will represent the life and personality of your loved one. We carry monuments from Sterling Monument Co. They offer a wide variety of granite, marble, and other stones as well as bronze monuments. They can create any custom monument you desire and offer the highest quality with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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