A funeral gives us the opportunity to reflect on one’s life. At Walker & Walker Funeral Home, we offer a variety of funeral packages and personalization options. We have funeral services and packages to meet every family’s budget.

Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service includes a family or public viewing a day before the funeral service, with a church or funeral home service the next day, followed by the burial.

Graveside Memorial Service

This service includes a family or public viewing at the funeral home, then the transportation of your loved one to a graveside ceremony followed by the burial.

Cremation Service

Cremation is growing in popularity due to its inexpensive and eco-friendly nature. At Walker & Walker Funeral Home, we offer both direct cremation and cremation memorial services.

We urge families who desire cremations to not eliminate memorials or remembrance services. Set aside time to celebrate your loved one and his or her accomplishments. These services can take place prior to the cremation or afterward and don’t have to break the bank.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body. Texas state law requires a 48-hour waiting period from the time of death before remains can be cremated. If you choose direct cremation, limited viewing of the body is permitted. If viewing is required after the 48-hour waiting period, embalming is encouraged.

Cremation Memorial Service

A cremation memorial service is the same as our traditional funeral service, except cremation follows the service. You can also choose to purchase a cremation casket or rent a casket for the service. If you choose a cremation memorial service, embalming is encouraged.

Body Donation Service

Medical body donation is a dignified and meaningful way for you or a loved one to contribute to the furthering of science and medicine while making a positive impact on humankind. Walker & Walker assists with the coordination of donations, which are gifts of organs and tissues for medical research and education.

Our partner LifeLegacy donates organs and tissues to reputable academic, corporate, and government research and education institutions. Donated remains are used in numerous ways, including research on cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and many other diseases. At the time of transition, LifeLegacy will determine if your loved one is a qualified donor under their specific program requirements.  If your loved one meets the donation criteria, the organization will pay for the basic cremation service as well as for transporting your loved one to the donation facility.  The only costs not covered are those for medical examiner transportation fees and additional death certificates.

Preplanning Service

Pre-planning your funeral will relieve your family of this important decision during a period of stress and grief. Pre-planning, also known as “pre-need” planning, locks your funeral cost at today’s price.
Depending on your qualifications, our pre-arrangement counselors can help you determine the best pre-planning option.