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Everett Seagler

Everett was born on June 17, 1965, in Houston, Texas, to Sandra and Dwain Seagler. It would be another seven years before his parents would convince themselves to have another child in hopes of redemption. And he was then followed by a brother, Chris, and then another brother, Terry, three years later. Eventually, he would have his own child, Kaylie, and it was clear to everyone that she was the light of his world.

Few people could match Everett’s tenacity towards life… and causing mischief. His life was largely a comedy, but he was always both the director and the lead actor, which played out in so many stories, some fit to be written and others only to be reminisced by those who took part or watched. There were a few tragedies here and there, but even he learned to laugh in those times and would help others in similar circumstances see the entertainment of life as well. He was generous and a hard worker, well beyond the above average. He was at times bemusing but was mostly a true duality that only he could pull off. He was a rags to riches and then back to rags story, but still interesting as a story himself, and full of more potential and actuality than he could ever give himself credit for.

He was so many things to so many people and he truly lived his life in his own way, but in the end, when there was no other futility to race to, he was finally still, and at a place in both locale and spiritual reckoning that he could reflect and receive a gift that had been his all along but only then received.  And that, above all the laughter and things which he had conferred to others, means more than anything else to those that love him still.

Service: Graveside Service at Guiceland Cemetery Monday, May 28, 2018, 11:30 AM

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